Company history

Open Joint Stock Company "Oil Company" Yangpur "is created in the process of replacement of assets on the basis of the property (the property complex) of the Limited Liability Company" Yangpur. "

In order to transfer the right to use a subsoil legal entity Limited Liability Company "Yangpur 'subsidiary, Open Joint Stock Company" Oil Company "Yangpur" licensed subsoil Izvestia site. Subsurface area is located 25 km north-west g.Gubkinskogo Yamal-Nenets autonomous district of the Tyumen region.

Since October 2013 the owner of 100% of shares of Open Joint Stock Company "Oil Company" Yangpur "is a Limited Liability Company" Belorusneft-Siberia ". The sole shareholder of JSC "NC" Yangpur "is a subsidiary of RUE" Production Association "Belorusneft".



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